Turning Climate Data into Actionable Insight.

Empowering businesses and communities to thrive through data-driven climate risk management solutions.

Every year, the risks and costs of climate change become more apparent.

Unprecedented weather events, rising sea levels, and shifting climate patterns are not just environmental issues—they are economic imperatives that affect every sector.

80 Million

Nearly 80 million properties in the United States stand a significant chance of exposure to fire.


Of the wildfires that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has tracked since 1980, 66% of the damage has occurred in the last five years.


There’s been a more than 500% increase in the number of Billion-Dollar Disaster events per year in the US.

Our Climate AI Tools:

Navigating the Future with Precision and Insight.

Our suite of Climate AI Tools is specifically designed to empower industries to anticipate and transform climate risk data into dynamic, actionable insights.

Tailored Climate Risk Assessments:

Our patent-pending AI utilizes historical data and advanced climate models to deliver tailored risk assessments for each sector.

Secondary Peril Modelling:

Our AI surpasses traditional models by evaluating all climate risks, not just primary perils, but also the critical secondary ones.

IFRS S2 Compatible:

Our software is ideal for corporations and issuers to meet the new incoming accounting and audit standards around climate-related risks.

User-Friendly Interface:

We provide a seamless, intuitive user experience that simplifies complex data, making it accessible and understandable for all users.

Real-Time Insights:

Our solutions offer up-to-the-minute information, enabling businesses to make informed decisions swiftly and confidently.

Solutions for every industry.

AISIX Solutions provides comprehensive climate resilience for all industries from agriculture to federal government agencies.


Climate risk data is vital for insurers to accurately price premiums, develop new products, and manage the risk of payouts due to climate-related disasters.

Real Estate

For property developers, investors, and managers, understanding climate risks helps in making informed decisions about property locations, construction standards, and resilience measures.

Accounting & Auditing

Adhere to the forthcoming IFRS S2 standards mandating disclosures on climate-related risks, their effects on financial status, performance, cash flows, and strategic business planning.


Investors and asset managers utilize climate risk data for portfolio sustainability and to sidestep assets at risk of devaluation from climate impacts.


Climate data is used to design buildings and infrastructure that can withstand future climate conditions.


Energy, water, and waste services need climate data to bolster infrastructure resilience and service continuity.

Supply Chains

Manufacturers and retailers need to understand climate risks to ensure the stability of their supply chains, from raw material sourcing to distribution.


This sector relies heavily on climate conditions. Risk assessments can help in crop selection, yield predictions, and insurance needs.


The sector needs to plan for and mitigate risks such as extreme weather events that can disrupt logistics and damage infrastructure.


Climate change affects disease spread, resource access, and emergency services, making risk assessments vital for readiness and response.


Partners & Clients.

[AISIX Solutions] provides knowledge for engineering, services and applications based on advanced AI. Through a semantic approach, they explain complex physical models to scientists, practitioners and non-experts.

Massimiliano Alvioli

Senior Researcher, Research Institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection, Italian National Research Council

[AISIX Solutions] is bringing the power of AI to geology. Their AI approach can help bridge the gap between scientists and decision-makers in fostering disaster risk reduction and emergency management.

John J. Clague, Order of Canada

Professor Emeritus, Earth Sciences,

Simon Fraser University

[AISIX Solutions] and Ebbwater have done an exceptional job in compiling, synthesizing, and creating the interoperable National Flood Hazard Data Layer (NFHDL) aggregating data into one Canada-wide data layer.

Alexandre Beaulieu

Director, Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation, Natural Resources Canada

News & Updates.

AISIX Solutions Inc. Partners on Innovative Climate Risk Assessment Project

AISIX is pleased to announce its collaboration on a groundbreaking project aimed at enhancing physical climate risk assessment modelling. This initiative, slated to start on June 4, 2024, underscores the AISIX commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship. 

AISIX and OctoAI Partner to Bring Climate Risk Assessment to Real Estate

AISIX is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with OctoAI Technologies a property technology (proptech) company offering AI-driven insights for the multi-family residential sector with its Eli Report platform.

AISIX Solutions Inc. Announces Strategic Alliance with Leading Canadian Business Consulting Firm to Advance Climate Risk

AISIX is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with a top Canadian accounting and business consulting firm to equip businesses with the tools necessary to effectively navigate the complexities of climate-related risk disclosure.

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All-Hazard Modelling

Artificial Intelligence

Real-Time Reporting

Patent-Pending Tech

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