Harnessing Climate Data for Tomorrow's Solutions.

Welcome to AISIX Solutions Inc.

We're a leading company focused on making sense of climate information and using it to help businesses and communities protect their property, assets and infrastructure.

How Do We Do This?

We take ever evolving and complex weather data and turn it into clear plans of action. This helps enterprises and people get ready and stay safe from the changes in our environment while becoming climate resilient.

Our Mission

Empowering Resilience Through Innovation.

Our mission is clear: to integrate resilience into the DNA of every business. By pioneering the development of sophisticated AI-driven analytics, AISIX Solutions Inc. provides the clarity and foresight needed to navigate the complexities of climate and hazard risk, ensuring that every decision is informed, strategic, and sustainable.

our solutions

Climate Genius for Actionable Results.

Our proprietary, patent-pending Climate Genius AI Tool is the cornerstone of our offering, embodying the convergence of traditional research with practical application. Tailored to diverse sector and industry needs, our Climate Genius is our answer to the market's need for precise, auditable, explainable, defensible and most importantly actionable climate risk assessments and mitigation strategies.

Our AI Climate Reasoner, Climate Genius, provides results that are:






who powers aisix?

Meet Our Team.

Dr. David Poole
Co-Founder | Director

Dr. David Poole, an AI expert, is recognized for advancing automated reasoning and complex decision-making. With over 130 research publications and an award-winning AI textbook, he’s celebrated with the CAIAC Lifetime Achievement Award. As a UBC professor, Poole shapes the future of AI and contributes to climate risk management through AISIX.

Marvin Pestcoe
Director & Insurance Executive

Marvin Pestcoe boasts 35+ years in data analytics, insurance, and risk management. Former CEO at PartnerRe and Langhorne Re, and a CIO managing a $15 billion portfolio. Marvin’s a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society and AAA member, he now guides AISIX as an Independent Director, steering innovative risk assessment in insurance.

Mihalis Belantis
CEO | Director

Mihalis Belantis, CEO of AISIX Solutions, leverages deep expertise in venture capital, startup funding, and capital markets. His leadership, marked by strategic foresight and a history of guiding startups to successful exits. His visionary approach and commitment to operational excellence fuel AISIX's continuous evolution and success in an evolving landscape.

Dr. Gioachino Robert
Head of Product | PhD Geosciences

Dr. Gioachino Robert, PhD in Geosciences, is an esteemed figure in geoscientific research, with a specialization in landslide and volcanic hazards. His expertise in risk assessment drives the creation of groundbreaking solutions for geological challenges.

Erik Young
Sr. Climate Data Scientrist

Erik Young, PhD candidate in Glaciology, excels in crafting climate data models. With extensive experience, he pioneers the development of datasets crucial for climate risk analysis, enhancing strategic decisions.


Partners & Clients.

[AISIX Solutions] provides knowledge for engineering, services and applications based on advanced AI. Through a semantic approach, they explain complex physical models to scientists, practitioners and non-experts.

Massimiliano Alvioli

Senior Researcher, Research Institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection, Italian National Research Council

[AISIX Solutions] is bringing the power of AI to geology. Their AI approach can help bridge the gap between scientists and decision-makers in fostering disaster risk reduction and emergency management.

John J. Clague, Order of Canada

Professor Emeritus, Earth Sciences,

Simon Fraser University

[AISIX Solutions] and Ebbwater have done an exceptional job in compiling, synthesizing, and creating the interoperable National Flood Hazard Data Layer (NFHDL) aggregating data into one Canada-wide data layer.

Alexandre Beaulieu

Director, Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation, Natural Resources Canada

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Artificial Intelligence

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Patent-Pending Tech

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