AISIX Wildfire 2.0 Canada

AISIX Wildfire 2.0 provides probabilities of wildfire across Canada by incorporating fire ignitions and spread. The dataset also includes historical fire and weather information, along with a 1 to 5 score that considers past fire occurrences and future fire probabilities. This dataset is unique in Canada, offering a valuable tool for insurance professionals, real estate agents, and the public to assess their fire risk and understand how it is evolving due to climate change.

AISIX’s wildfire data layer is generated by building on the state-of-the-art Canadian Forest Service workflow, using the Burn-P3 (Probability, Prediction, and Planning) software. Burn-P3 combines the physically-based fire spread model, Prometheus, with a stochastic approach to determining burn probability, simulating billions of synthetic fire events across climatological, morphological, and biophysical conditions to deliver burn probabilities. AISIX’s workflow aggregates independent burn scenarios to stochastically determine burn probability for the entirety of Canada. Burn-P3 and its evolution, Burn-P3+, are currently used and validated in Canada and internationally, and documented in manuals, reports, and peer-reviewed publications. By using a proprietary data pipeline, burn probability is systematically modelled for any location in Canada.

Once modelling is complete, post-processing is performed on the burn probability dataset to detect and correct boundary artefacts between simulation domains and extrapolates burn probability into the wildland urban interfaces (WUI) of different population centres. Model performance is evaluated at a local scale and as a pan-Canadian aggregate of burn probability to inform ongoing model refinement development.

Proven Wildfire Prediction.

Explore AISIX Solutions' breakthrough technology in accurately forecasting wildfire spread, showcasing preemptive strategies against devastating blazes.

Key Features of Wildfire 2.0

Risk Scoring

Wildfire burn probability and wildfire risk scores.

Cumulative Probabilities

Cumulative wildfire burn probabilities over 1, 10, and 30 years.

Average Probabilities

Average burn probabilities at different radius values (5-50km).

Small Historical Fires

No. of Small Historical Fires

(<200 hectares).

Large Historical Fires

No. of Large Historical Fires

(>200 hectares).

High Resolution

Searchable down to a 250m resolution for all of Canada.

Large Training Model

Based on more than 400 thousand historic fire footprints and over 400 billion simulated fires.


Builds on top of Canadian Forest Service methodologies that are internationally validated and peer-reviewed.

Unique Model

We use a proprietary and unique combination of both physical-based and statistical-based methods.

Physical-Based Model

We model billions of fires from ignition through spread across real-world vegetation and terrain to determine how likely to burn any location is.

Statistical-Based Model

Statistical methods are used to investigates large datasets, fill data gaps, classify images, time-series analysis.


We use open-source data, open-source software, and tie it all together using peer-reviewed methods

Our Model Offers Clear Advantages.

Real risk estimates: we determine the probability of fire at all locations by stochastically combining thousands of location-specific fire scenarios, rather than relative risk scores that are abstract and hard to evaluate.
Expert control: By explicitly modelling fires we can evaluate and quantify the performance of our model workflow, continuously improving the process by improving our virtual representation of any location, an incredible advantage over machine learning exclusive workflows where the only improvement is better or more data (always costly, rarely clear in what value is added, and often without process-based evidence).
A climate hazard sandbox: Once setup, we can run any number of fully-customizable simulations providing local and regional scenario analysis.
AISIX Wildfire 2.0 provides probabilities of wildfire across Canada, offering a valuable tool for insurance professionals, real estate agents, and the public to assess their fire risk and understand how it is evolving due to climate change.

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Our mission is clear: to integrate resilience into the DNA of every business. By pioneering the development of sophisticated AI-driven analytics, AISIX Solutions Inc. provides the clarity and foresight needed to navigate the complexities of climate and hazard risk, ensuring that every decision is informed, strategic, and sustainable.

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